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Asphalt Contractor Biloxi

Paved roads and driveways remain to be something that many people will take for granted – that is, until they have an issue with it. When you have to get your driveway repaired or think about getting a new installation, there will come a time. You may even be a business owner looking to have a brand-new parking lot put in. Once that time comes, knowing how to find the right asphalt contractor in Biloxi will make all the difference.

How to Choose from the Best Pavement Companies in Biloxi:

  1. Remain Cautious – Paving contractors near Biloxi should never come to your door offering services at a discount if you pay cash. Some people have had encounters with fly-by-night contractors saying they have asphalt left from a job and are willing to work on their driveway at a deep discount. This is the type of opportunity contractor that is never worth dealing with. You should only work with dependable, reputable asphalt sealcoating companies from the local area.
  2. Look for References – Any good asphalt paving contractors in the area will be happy to show off their work and provide you with plenty of references. You can inquire about recent jobs where you can take a look, or many will have a portfolio to share with potential customers.
  3. Know What is Included – When talking with an asphalt contractor in Biloxi, never be afraid to discuss everything included in the bid. While there may always be unforeseen costs at any job, a good contractor will factor in some unexpected and share details with you on what must be done and why. You always want to have a upfront and honest contractor about everything that goes into the monetary breakdown of your estimate.
  4. Materials Used – Did you know that asphalt is often made up of recycled materials that get used repeatedly? Many don’t. While this is normal, it can lead to various asphalt grades that will be available to asphalt paving companies. Before hiring anyone for your project, you will want to know what grade of bitumen they are planning to use. A higher grade is always better and will last longer, but the price will be higher.
  5. Insurance – Quality asphalt paving contractors will often have insurance to operate, with some states making it a requirement. The coverage level will vary, so it is important that you find out about any coverage they have in place. A good contractor will be happy to provide their customer with a copy of their insurance.

When looking for an asphalt contractor in Biloxi that you can trust, we want you to know that we are the experts here at Asphalt Solutions, LLC. We would love to come out to your property to discuss your project so that we can come up with a detailed cost estimate for the work. Not only are we available for asphalt paving and repair work, but you can also count on us for all your seal coating and concrete needs. Call us today at (985) 788-0493 to set up a time for a consultation!

Asphalt Contractor Biloxi

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