The summer months are now upon us, and for many places in the world, they bring blistering heat. Many people turn to staying inside with the A/C or visiting the pools as a way to beat the heat, but there is another option out there to make the summer season more enjoyable; a fan mister kit. Cool Off, with their motto ‘everything cool under the sun,’ has a supply of fans that release mist while cooling you off. In addition to keeping customers cool, Cool Off also wants to help you make your outdoor areas beautiful and enjoyable. Being outside this summer no longer has to be accompanied by nearly unbearable heat.

What Kind of Fan Mister Kits Are Available?

When it comes to misting kits, Cool Off offers three different options; misting fans, misting systems, and misting tents. Each one is designed to meet an array of needs, and it is important to know what exactly you want before purchasing one.

Misting Fans

Misting fans are the most simple out of the products at Cool Off, and are well suited for an individual. They can be bought at three different pressures, high, medium, and low. There are even portable ones, perfect to bring along on vacation, or transport around the yard or house. There is also an option to buy a kit of four misting fans, which could be used to turn an entire room into an inviting oasis.

Misting Systems

If you are looking to cool off a large area, a misting system might just be the way to go. They typically are attached to the ceiling and can cover patios, warehouses, and more. They have high and medium settings, and the systems come with remotes to make adjustments as needed. In addition, Cool Off also offers some portable misting tanks, which can be used on misting systems if there isn’t an adequate source of water around. Some of the tanks are able to supply water for up to four hours before having to be refilled or recharged.

Misting Tents

Misting tents are perfect to use on a trip to the beach, or just to enjoy your yard without the worry of summer heat. Cool Off offers regular pop up tents, and inflatable ones, so there is bound to be an option ready to meet all of your misting needs. There are even mist tunnels and mist archers that are sure to be a hit for any outdoor summer events.

Why Choose A Misting Kit?

Misting kits can be a good idea for a multitude of reasons. For one, they don’t get you wet despite the fact that they mist water. The water is just an added component to make the area as cool as possible. They can be a cheap alternative when regular air condition just doesn’t cut it, and they can make the heat of summer a little more bearable. Since many of the systems are designed with the outdoors in mind, they are built to last as long as possible.