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Furnace Repair Saskatoon

Do you have problems with your furnace? Maybe it does not heat well; it does not turn on or has a spiked heating bill due to other functional malfunctions. An impressive number of homeowners can fix their issues without professional help because most furnace issues are minor and repairable. Here is what to do when you want DIY simple at-home furnace fixes, but If these don’t fix your problem, call us.

DIY furnace repair in Saskatoon

Resetting the circuit breaker

A broken circuit break will cause the furnace not to turn on because of problems with the thermostat or faulty pilot light. There are so many things that could break the circuit breaker, but it is also easy to diagnose them and engage effective solutions. Begin by replacing the fuse and resetting the breaker so the furnace picks on with a new cycle.

Fix the pilot light

The furnace has a pilot light that will ignite the gas burner and cause the furnace not to turn on. A faulty pilot light is easy to fix because you only need to relight it to kick back normal functioning. Most furnaces have instructions for you to fix the light and relight the furnace by turning on the residual gas. Adjust the flame adjustment screw if the pilot light does not resume its function, or call a professional if the problem persists.

General troubleshooting

Do you understand the basics of checking the furnace’s function? It is time to learn the basic ways of checking general health, such as venting, filtration, and heating processes. Spot the following issues to find the proper furnace repair in Saskatoon:

  • The air filter – This filter is one of the main components of the furnace and could easily clog the filter to cause air obstruction. A blocked air filter causes overheating and eventually severe damage to the system. Check the filter every month s so, and clean it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You may need to replace it if the light filter does not turn on.
  • Check the thermostat – The digital thermostat may need new batteries every six or twelve months. Clean it of all the dust and tuck away any exposed wires to ensure the thermostat is reading the right temperature.

Benefits of hiring professional furnace repair technicians

Keep it healthy for long

The furnace has a lifespan of about two decades with proper annual inspections. It is prudent to hire a team that understands error codes, listens to intermittent sounds, and checks for further issues to solve specific problems before they turn into complex repairs.

Avoid unforeseen repairs

The best time to maintain the furnace is when it is in perfect working condition. Maintenance and repair can go a long way, and in keeping the furnace running through extreme seasons lie summer and winter.

Increased home security

The dysfunctional furnace is a running danger for your family because it leaks carbon monoxide. REC Plumbing Inc. keeps you comfortable and secure, all while improving your long-term health.

We are open to giving you professional advice to prevent future problems and schedule regular maintenance routines to match your furnace model and usage. Get a free estimate online or call 306-948-6512 to schedule a consultation.

Furnace Repair Saskatoon

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