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House painting is an essential aspect of house maintenance and décor. This is because house painting and caulking protect your house from harm caused by water and the sun.

Neglection of exterior painting obviously can increase siding replacement expenditure of your houses. Moreover, high-quality exterior painting can add to the value of your home.

Our company, Paint The Town Red is one of the best interior painters in Chicago IL.

How Can We Help You Get the Best Interior Paint in Chicago?

Our guide to interior paint selection will help you select the best interior paint for your house and make the correct investment in the paint color so that you do not make a poor and expensive decision.

Our consultation for the selection of interior paints is 2 hours long. During this consultation, a twenty-years experienced color expert eradicates your need to make guesses for selecting the correct colors to paint your home.

We follow the science of color visualization and aesthetics so that you can paint confidently and ensure your home looks amazing.

As seasoned color experts, our company helps busy professionals and parents avoid the confusion of the color choosing process to build a home that supports their lifestyle and vision.

How do We Choose the Best Colors for Your House?

We value your time and money. That’s why we provide you guidance during the color selection process so that you do not make color mistakes which cost both money and time.

Our color experts at Paint The Town Red help you choose the best color for interior painting in Chicago by following a particular criterion.

In that criterion, our color experts consider elements of your rooms such as furniture, curtains, or a rug and identify focal points such as a fireplace to suggest the finest complementary tones for interior painting.

Other parts of our color selection criterion include looking at all rooms, considering the ceiling color, and ensuring a proper balance of colors to suggest the best shades.

If you hire Paint The Town Red to paint your house, you won’t need to worry about technicalities such as paint quality and painting styles. Our leading interior and exterior house painters in Chicago will manage the house painting project and ensure that the best painting job is executed.

What Painting Tools and Techniques do We Use?

Our best Chicago painters employ fantastic painting tools and techniques to paint your homes. These include high-quality sandpaper, rollers, paint tray, smaller brushes, drop cloth, ladder, old clothes, glasses and gloves, paint hooks and buckets, and tape for the trim.

Our painters in Chicago at Paint the Town Red also employ unique paint techniques that distinguish us from conventional paint companies.

We properly prepare the room for painting, beginning with a clean slate by drying and cleaning every surface that we need to clean.

When we get started, we ensure the paint is even by having a roller with the right amount of it and rolling the overall surface height in a smooth motion to avoid thicknesses and edges. We utilize as many cans as necessary to make your walls shine with perfection.

If you want to get the ideal paint recommendations and services for your home, contact Paint the Town Red for the best seamless paint color consultations.

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interior paint Chicago