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It is said that a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference.

Those looking for the best home painting services in Kelowna may find themselves overwhelmed with the number of choices available.

To assist, this article reviews five of the top-rated painting companies in the area and provides an objective assessment based on their services, quality, and cost.

With such an array of options to choose from, readers are sure to find something suitable for their needs.

So come along as we explore Kelowna’s best: top 5 home painting services reviewed.

Epic Painting

Epic Painting is a home painting service located in Kelowna that has received positive reviews from customers.

The company provides quality services and products with an emphasis on durability and efficiency.

Customers appreciate the value of their services, which are offered at competitive prices, as well as the professionalism of their staff.

From helping to choose the right colors to providing detailed advice on how to complete the job quickly and effectively, Epic Painting offers a wide range of solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

The attention to detail provided by this company ensures that each customer receives the best possible outcome for their project.

Epic Painting goes above and beyond in ensuring satisfaction with their services by offering ongoing support after the job is done; they will make sure that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

All in all, Epic Painting meets all criteria for a top-notch home painting service provider in Kelowna, with quality guaranteed workmanship, durability that stands up over time, highly efficient processes, great value for money spent, and outstanding professionalism throughout every stage of the process.

Prime Painting

Offering high-quality services with an eye for detail, Prime Painting is a popular choice for those looking to spruce up their property.

A team of experienced professionals, the company offers a wide range of services, including interior and exterior painting.

Their attention to detail is evident in the surface preparation process prior to painting, ensuring all surfaces are free from dirt and dust before any paint is applied.

They also offer colour selection assistance to ensure customers get exactly what they want.

Prime Painting work hard to deliver on their promises; they use only top quality paints and materials that are designed to last long-term with minimal maintenance requirements.

Their professionals are reliable and always arrive on time; furthermore, their customer service team is available 24/7 should any questions arise after the job has been completed.

Projects are also completed on schedule and within budget so customers can be sure of excellent value for money.

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction every step of the way, Prime Painting stands out as one of Kelowna’s top home painting services.

Whether it’s a large or small project, their commitment to providing maximum quality at competitive rates ensures each client receives desirable results that exceed expectations.

Compleat Painting

Compleat Painting is a respected provider of painting services in the region, delivering comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on quality. The team at Compleat Painting use advanced painting techniques to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards, and their colour selection process allows customers to choose the perfect shade for their home or business. Their outstanding attention to detail makes them one of Kelowna’s top rated painting companies.

The following table provides a comparison of Compleat Painting’s service offering compared to other leading providers in the region:

Service | Prime Painting | Compleat Painting


Painting Techniques | Traditional methods used | Advanced techniques used

Colour Selection | Limited range provided by supplier| Wide range of colours available from multiple suppliers

Attention to Detail | Satisfactory levels of detail included | Outstanding attention to detail assured

From customer testimonials, it is clear that Compleat Painting are committed to providing exceptional service and results every time. Clients appreciate their professionalism and dedication throughout each project, from start to finish. The company has earned itself a solid reputation in the local area for delivering consistent results – always with an eye towards exceeding expectations.

Precision Painting

Precision Painting is a painting company based in Kelowna that provides interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial properties.

The cost of their services is competitive, with customers able to take advantage of deals such as free estimates, discounts for large projects, and loyalty programs.

Reviews on the quality of their work are generally positive, with customers noting the professionalism of staff, high-quality finishings, and timely completion of projects.


Comparing the top five home painting services in Kelowna to a finely tuned orchestra, this overview provides an analysis of each company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Painting can be a complicated art form; however, with the right team of professionals there is no limit to what can be achieved.

The five best painting services in Kelowna all have their own unique take on how to deliver top-notch results.

From do it yourself tips for those just starting out to the latest trends in color palette design, each company offers something different that makes them stand out from the crowd.

While some offer more traditional approaches such as brushwork and rollers, others specialize in spray techniques and high-end finishes.

Regardless of their approach, these companies are all committed to providing quality outcomes with attention to detail being a priority at every step of the process.

With an array of styles available and vast experience within the industry, they will create stunning aesthetics that will transform any living space into paradise!


Considering the range of costs associated with professional painting services, it is important to ensure that customers are getting their money’s worth and that they are satisfied with the outcome.

Prices for home painting services in Kelowna vary depending on the size of the job, type of paint used, and any additional services requested. For example, a larger home may require more paint and labour hours compared to a smaller house. Customers should also consider how much coverage they need in order to achieve their desired look or finish.

The cost of paint itself can be significant as well; customers can expect to spend anywhere from $20 – $50 per gallon depending on quality and brand name.

When calculating a painting budget, it is important to factor in preparation time such as patching holes or caulking cracks prior to the actual painting process. This will add additional prep time which could result in higher labour costs if contractors charge by hour instead of flat rate.

Additionally, some companies offer extra services like power washing or wallpaper removal which will increase the overall cost further so it’s important for customers to discuss this up front before hiring a contractor.

Customer Reviews

It is essential to consider customer reviews when researching professional painting services in the Kelowna area.

Reviews from past customers can provide valuable insights into a company’s work, such as their commitment to completing projects on time, the quality of their paint, and how well they respond to customer feedback.

Additionally, reviews can also give insight into how a service handles environmental impact by discussing safety measures taken during painting or disposal of leftover materials.

Customer support is another important factor that can be gleaned from reviews; customers often express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with how quickly their inquiries were addressed and the level of care they received from customer service representatives.

Overall, customer reviews provide an excellent point of reference for those looking for home painting services in Kelowna.

It is important to read multiple reviews from different sources before making a decision so that all angles are covered and potential issues can be identified early on.

Perusing through reviews will also help customers get an idea of what kind of experience they should expect with different companies and what kinds of customer support they might get if something goes wrong during the project.

## ProPainting

ProPainting offers an impressive array of home painting services to its clients in Kelowna. From color selection to paint types, ProPainting provides a wide range of options for both interior and exterior projects.

The company also offers sample boards that can be used as references when customers are selecting colors. In addition, the staff is highly knowledgeable about the various paint products available and can provide helpful advice to ensure that clients select the best product for their project.

The customer service provided by ProPainting is another area in which they excel. Customers have praised the staff’s attention to detail and ability to address any questions or concerns quickly and thoroughly.

Furthermore, ProPainting takes pride in providing quality workmanship at competitive prices, making them a top choice among homeowners in Kelowna who are looking for reliable painting services at affordable rates.

The company’s commitment to excellence extends beyond their own work; they also offer complimentary touch-ups if needed after the job is completed. This shows their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction on every project they undertake.

With so many advantages, it is no surprise that ProPainting has earned itself a reputation as one of the top home painting services in Kelowna.


In conclusion, Kelowna is home to several top-tier painting services that offer excellent quality and affordability.

Epic Painting offers high-quality interior and exterior painting at competitive rates, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Prime Painting provides high-end finishes as well as affordable options for all budgets.

Compleat Painting guarantees impeccable attention to detail with every project.

Precision Painting excels in both residential and commercial spaces.

ProPainting stands out due to its commitment to environmentally friendly materials and methods.

For instance, a recent client of Prime Painting was thoroughly pleased with the results of their paint job, remarking that “the transformation was amazing – it really gave our house a completely new look!” This remarkable result demonstrates the potential of any home when equipped with quality painting services from one of these experienced professionals.

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