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Color, plant life, mix, and light are the hallmarks of a decorative design that seems to always survive on a getaway. Leave the door open to a world of feelings!

The Caribbean has always worked out an excellent fascination, especially throughout the summer season. Walking through its white sand beaches, discovering its aquatic treasures or its corners with ‘virgin’ plants are some of its wonders. Move this world and recreate the experiences to our homes, if it is possible. Find out ways to take a trip to the Caribbean without leaving the house through decor.

Caribbean spirit

The light is a vital part of this type of design. Powerful magical light allowing through the windows offers environments that unique touch. Opt for the mixture and forget the perfect match. It is believed that the Caribbean islands are multicultural enclaves where various cultures coexist: Spanish, French, English, and African. This variety will help offer personality and a touch loaded with ‘charm’.

Enthusiasm for color

The color in furniture, fabrics and devices is a requirement for this design. There are bold and extreme colors varying from yellow and blue, to pink, green or orange. There are few tones that have no location in our Caribbean corner. If you are not scared of excess color, combine them and use them in various aspects; if your boldness has a brake, utilize them, for example, bedding or any accessory, integrated with wooden furniture or marble flooring. Use white as a wildcard, when you want to stabilize, and to assist you to develop advanced and elegant atmospheres. You will be amazed to discover the outcome!

‘Welcome visiting the Jungle’

Natural enthusiasm and high-end greenery are other hallmarks of the Caribbean. You can survive the game or move chromatic freshness and the wilder side that keeps alive the appeal through the jungle. Wallpapers with rich greenery; bedding or unique animal types accessories get immersed in a tropical paradise, you will not want to leave. Beside this, the pieces of natural fibers, glass or wood without ‘preservatives’ and plants like palms or ferns print assist us get relaxing and warm rooms, so we can get lost in summer season or winter season.

Put a pineapple at home

And you’ll capture freshness, vitality and favorable energy in an easy gesture. This tropical fruit is pure decoration pattern -prior to and it was in style- and is ready to dominate your areas. You can acquire different personalities, painted in any color and it can be both an ornament as a tablecloth for a table or mobile cover.

When incorporating the colors for your home, keep in mind the spirited and fun side. Play with them, do not put limitations to its possibilities and find the version that best suits you and your design. With these summer season is served.


contributed by: Alto Pro Painters, Experts in Interior and Exterior Painting

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